Presidential Finishes
Presidential's billiard tables represent accuracy, beauty, and stability worthy of our high quality product. A Masterpiece of Expert Craftsmanship!

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Rhodesian Teak
The Rhodesian Teak (Baikiaea Plurijuga) is harvested from the North Western region of Zimbabwe. It is strictly controlled by the Zimbabwe Forestry Commission. There is no clear cutting in the forest and only mature trees can be cut. Rhodesian Teak recoppices, which means that the tree will re-grow from the stump of the tree.

The area of Zimbabwe where the trees are harvested is safari country with no shortage of lions and elephants roaming the area so there are many exciting stories that accompany the sourcing of the timber!!

The timber is then transported to the sawmill where it is dried in computer controlled kilns to the desired moisture content. This helps ensure that the finished product will withstand virtually all climatic conditions.

The unique grain pattern and depth of finish in our Rhodesian Teak will enhance any game room and is extremely hard, dense and heavy which are characteristics important to resist the scars of normal wear and tear and even abuse.

Families with children can now have a beautiful table without fearing the kids will damage it.

  • It is valued at 10 times that of Oak or Maple.
  • It is found only in a few countries in Southern Africa.
  • It can not be exported from Zimbabwe as lumber, only as a finished product.
  • It has always been coveted by the finest ship builders for its beauty and endurance.

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    Bubinga, commonly known as African Rosewood, is grown in West Africa. It is a very expensive wood used on exotic furniture and fine musical instruments such as harps. This highly figured veneer gives a burled appearance to the wood.

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    African Walnut
    This beautiful wood is used on the Charleston table and some of our game room furniture. It has a strong grain pattern with luxurious brown and amber hues.

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    Tropical Conifer
    This Tropical Conifer is grown extensively in Zimbabwe. It is a softer timber but has a fascinating grain which stains beautifully. With Tropical Conifer you can get a very appealing style, superbly constructed table at an economical price.

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    African Mahogany
    This hardwood tree has a tight grain pattern and is well suited to furniture and billiard table construction. It is plantation grown in Zimbabwe.

    Wood Finishes

    Below you will see a color sample of our three finishes, chestnut, mahogany, and espresso.

    The actual color may vary from the color depicted here depending on the type of wood of the product and your computer screen's resolution.

    Chestnut Finish
      Mahognay Finish
      Espresso Finish