Olhausen's modern line of tables integrates twentieth-century styling, which is characterized by simplicity of form, absence of decorative ornament, with an emphasis on functional concerns.
Olhausen's finest tables. With the highest detail and attention, these tables are meticulously crafted by our own master woodworkers. These tables are true works of art, displaying both beauty and functionality.
All tables shown are 100% solid American hardwood. Olhausen uses only the preeminent American hardwoods available on the market. This line of tables is the most popular on the market today.
The Portland Series is Olhausen's new Solid Wood line. A quality product offering at an affordable price to suit any lifestyle or home decor.
Olhausen's easy choice table, a simplistic approach to quality and design from "The Best in Billiards"
The desire for hardwood today is not restricted to the privileged few. Olhausen uses wood with the most beautiful grain pattern in its veneer work, helping the customer achieve the look they want without the added price.
Laminates are an economic alternative to solid wood or veneer tables that offer the same playability. Laminates are hard-wearing and are resistant to marking, staining, and heat. This line of tables is a perfect entry-level table.
Some legendary American companyies teamed up with Olhausen Billiards, America's number one pool table company, and is proud to announce these licensed pool table. A fusion of American craftsmanship and modern ingenuity go into the making of these tables.
Designed with a functional storage drawer these pool tables can store your cue sticks, racks, pool balls or table cover right at your fingertips.
Unique Ball Return with Drawer option available on most Olhausen Pool Tables.
Olhausen's Famous Pool Table Finish!